Below is an Ebola treatment guide put out by

Orthmolecular.org. Here they give references, and

rationality, behind vitamin C treatment:

"...Massive doses are reported to have helped against every

virus it has been pitched against. This includes Polio,

Dengue and AIDS..."

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Additional Treatment Guide for Oral Vitamin C Powder

This Article Doesn't Go Into Liposomal Vitamin C, But
Below You Will See Great New Info On Liposomal Vitamin C.
An Amazing Low Cost Equivalent To Hospital IV Vitamin C.

Below is a recently published article on the Ebola

Virus by Dr. Thomas Levy.  Again, vitamin C is the

main focus:

"Don't worry. If Hollywood and the Centers for Disease

Control (CDC) want to induce the populations of the

world into a full-blown panic, so be it. You have the tools

to prevent a virus like Ebola from ever setting up shop

in your body.

And if your prevention should fall short, resolution

and cure is a simple process, and it should occur

for all but the most immune-challenged, chronically

ill, and malnourished individuals among us."

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Studies on Vitamin C:  1st Study - 2nd Study - 3rd Study

Click Here For Vitamin D3 Virus Treatment Study

Study Showing Vitamin D3 Easily Prevents/Treats Flu

​Article Showing Vitamin C Does NOT Cause Kidney Stones

Here are a few resources on Vitamin C IV's & 
*Liposomal Vitamin C (The Closest To the IV Dosage)*

How To Get A Hospital Vitamin C IV 

* How To Make Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C *
(6 Grams= 50 Gram Dose From Vitamin C IV)

Video Showing How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

Dr. Levy On Liposomal Vitamin C As IV Alternative
(Liposomal Vitamin C Discussed Starting @ 1:12:30)

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​Click Here For Whole Food Vitamin C (Great Addition to Lyposomal)

How to Give Kids Larger Doses of Vitamin C

Here are the credentials of the following people:
(Click On Each Name)

Dr. Thomas Levy- Current Influential Proponent
Dr. Frederick Klenner- Vitamin C Pioneer
Dr. Linus Pauling- Vitamin C Pioneer & Twice Nobel Prize Winner

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Viral infections come in different forms, and the world continues to fear many of them. Whether it be the Flu, Polio, or even the Ebola scare, viral infections continue to remain very prevalent. The good news is that there seems to be a ray of hope.  If you are currently faced with one of these infections, or fear contracting one in the future, the information below may spark your interest. Oddly enough, it seems that what many physicians have failed to see is the amazing properties of high dose vitamin C. 

Dr. Recommends High Dose Vitamin C Based on 20+ Yrs. in Practice 

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Additional Virus/Corona Virus Information

(Click Blue Links Below)

Echinacea Study

Quote: "Intriguingly, the strongest effect was seen with membranous viruses, like Corona-, Influenza-, Parainfluenza-, Respiratory Syncytial- and Metapneumovirus with 24 and 47 detected infections in the two groups (𝑃 < 0 . 0 5, chi-square test). In total, 14 recurring viral infections occurred under Echinacea, i.c. to 34 under placebo."

Quote: "upon pooling the incidences of Influenza, Parainfluenza, RSV, Metapneumovirus, or Coronaviruses, we found 47 total infections in the placebo group and only 24 infections in the Echinacea group"

Echinacea cut the infections by half. Study Dosage: 2400mg prevention & 4000mg for acute infection. Ever prescribed this for regular corona? Something to think about, even just for the fact that it's good for respiratory infections.

(May not be good for those with certain autoimmune diseases)

Zinc Pneumonia Study

Quote: "The results from our observational study, in addition to findings by other studies described above, suggest that having inadequate stores of zinc might be a risk factor of pneumonia in the elderly."

Quote From Turmeric Study Below: "The extensive antiviral effects of curcumin against different viral pathogens nominate this compound as an antiviral drug candidate to develop new antivirals from natural resources against sensitive viruses..."  Click HERE for the study.

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