The Way to the Truth Means Life

Self healing is not a delusion, because if it was then we wouldn’t have these built- in mechanisms called immune systems.  We are capable of allowing our bodies to do great things, because, even if we don’t take care of them, they will still show us the power they posses at any given time.  If you cut your finger, most likely your finger is going to heal itself on its own.  We take things like this for granted, and we don’t realize that these natural gifts can be enhanced with the proper care, and focus, given to them.  It is not always necessary to immediately seek the advice of a doctor in all cases, even though we do recognize that many times it is.  What we want to give you are all the options necessary for you to choose the best method for healing.  Many times these options do not fall within the medical or pharmaceutical industry, so they have a tendency to be left out.  An example of this is Vitamin C.  If you go to the doctor for a cold, they might mention Vitamin C, but most likely you won’t get a prescription for Vitamin C.  The reason for this is because Vitamin C is not regulated within the medical industry.  Within the Food and Drug Administration, a Vitamin C supplement is actually listed under the umbrella of “foods”, even though it could fall under the definition of a drug, or a medicine, given that it matches the criteria for each.  There are many other examples of this for many different kinds of ailments; and since the medical field may not offer you these alternatives, we will show you the reported information.

Healing the Body

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