The Way to the Truth Means Life

The Apostle Paul was one of the most influential people to spread the message of Jesus Christ. He is also arguably the most credible historical link for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus himself.  Yet, Paul did not start out as a Christian.  Paul, formerly Saul, started out as Jewish Pharisee, which was a figure of religious authority.  He was also a scholar in his field, and was widely respected in his position. Before his conversion, Paul led the charge to have Christians found, imprisoned, or immediately stoned to death.  His job was to eradicate Christianity.  This all changed on the road to Damascus.  It was on this road that Paul said that he met the risen Jesus, and from this point on his life was changed.  He no longer persecuted the Christians; instead, he became one of them.  The videos below are provided to show people that dramatic conversions such as Paul's are still just as prevalent in today's time as they have ever been. Miracles do happen, and Jesus (God Incarnate) can and will work a miracle in

your life if you just invite Him in.

Millions of people, over thousands of years, have claimed to have experienced the risen Jesus. It's not reasonable to say that everybody is lying or delusional. A couple honest people means the story is TRUE!

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If these testimonies help you to believe, make sure to follow JESUS. Don't follow any of these people. Jesus gave us the Bible to let us know what true Christianity looks like (2 Timothy 3:16-17).