Items Linked to Causing Cancer

Alcohol (Organic Red Wine Is Better)

Artificial Food Colorings

Artificial Preservatives


Chemical Pesticides


GMO Foods

High Fructose Corn Syrup


Oxygen Deficiency

Prescription Drugs



Vitamin D3 study shows drastic reduction in cancer risk

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Eating Raw Organic Vegetables

Eating a Good Diet of Mostly Raw and Cooked Vegetables, Has Been Shown in Studies to Be Inversely Related to Many Cancers.  We Are Posting a Study Which Recommends  Both Raw and Cooked Vegetables for Preventing Cancer Growth.   Raw Vegetables Are Shown to Have a Greater Potential for Fighting Cancer.

 Alternative Treatments

(We Are Only Reporting Info Not Endorsing)

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Vegetable Juicing & Detox

* Gerson Therapy (Click Here for Website)

Video on Gerson Therapy

Video Interview of Charlotte Gerson

High Dose Nutrient Therapy & Vitamin C IV

High Dose Nutrient Video
(Excerpt from Food Matters Movie)

Vitamin C IV Video

Article on Vitamin C IV Treatment

How to Get a Hospital Vitamin C IV 

* How to Make Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C *
(6 Grams= 50 Gram Dose From Vitamin C IV)

Purchase Pre-Made Liposomal Vitamin C Here

New 2017 Study on Vitamin C for Killing Cancer Cells

Oxygen Therapy

Study on Low Oxygen & Cancer

Video on Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

How to Increase Oxygen in the Body
Vitamins To Assist This:  B Complex (B3, B2, B5), E, C

*Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg *
Won Nobel Prize For The Discovery That Cancerous Tumors Are Oxygen Deficient,

And Can Be Simply Treated By Increasing Oxygen, Back In *1931*

Organic Sulfur Crystals Therapy

The Sulfur Study

Article on Sulfur Treatment

Treatment Protocol

Buy Sulfur Crystals Here

IP6 Supplement Therapy

Phytic Acid (IP6) Study

Further IP6 Study

Article on IP6

Buy IP6 Here

Niacin (Vitamin B3) & Vitamin C Therapy

Article on Niacin Therapy

More Successful Cases Detailed Here

Cayenne Pepper

Article On Cayenne Pepper for Cancer

Amygdalin/B17 In Apricot Kernels

Buy Raw Apricot Kernels Here

Article on This Subject Here

(including precautions when adding vitamin C)

Foods With Cancer Fighting Properties

Bok Choy
Brussel Sprouts
Cayenne Pepper
Collard Greens
Grapes (Red And Purple)
Green Tea
Shitake Mushrooms

The Way to the Truth Means Life

This is our page for alternative information on Cancer.  We are not offering recommendations, we are only reporting the information others have offered.  We would like to point out that it is actually technically illegal to offer anything besides Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery for treatment of Cancer, which is also how we know that the information we are presenting is "alternative."  These legalities do seem odd to us.  It is odd that offering foods for treatment, that are scientifically proven to have Cancer fighting properties, is somehow technically illegal?  It seems to us that you would want to employee every possible Cancer fighting method available in order to increase your chances of winning the fight.  Many people, who do offer alternative treatments, have to do so outside of the United States because of these laws, which we are posting below for anyone interested.  This also seems odd since it also has been proven, in a 2004 study, from both the United States and Australia, that Chemotherapy is 97% ineffective.  We have posted a link to the abstract from this study below.  

Study on the Ineffectiveness of Chemotherapy